Monday, February 28, 2011

I ate what????!!!!

Today is the day that we are going to start our healthy eating lifestyle. But first, do you really know what or how much you eat every day? I thought i did, until i kept a food log for 3 days. Wow, what an eye opener! I didn't eat nearly as mush as i thought i did, which is why i wasn't seeing results in the gym. My goal was to build muscle, and if you have a high metabolism, you need to eat a lot. Everyone has different goals. Some need to lose, others need to gain. Some people eat more sugar and sodium than they realize (aka: processed foods). However, no matter what your goal, you need to know how much you really eat during any given day. So the first step is to find out. I want you to keep a food log for 3 days. No matter what you put into your mouth, it goes into that log. Steal a Hershey's Kiss from you co-workers desk on your way to the bathroom? - it goes into the log. Take a bite of your child's french fries? - it goes into your log. Taste test dinner half a dozen times? - it goes into your log. Skipped breakfast? - that goes in also. Our lives are hectic, and we do things on auto pilot, eating happens to be one of those things. For 3 days, focus on your eating habits, what, when and where. After the 3 days, analyze your findings. Do you snack more than you thought? Eat more sweets than you want to? Not eating enough vegetables? Now you have a guide to help you start planning your meals. Remember, balance is the game. In each meal, every 3-4 hours, you want a healthy mix of protein, carbs, fruits/veggies. Good luck and remember, post if you have any questions, i'm always glad to help.

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