Friday, April 29, 2011


It is the season for those sexy sleeveless tops that you know you like to wear; are your shoulders ready to be exposed?

To sculpt round sexy shoulders, you need to work all three areas of the deltoid: anterior, medial, and posterior. The following workout program will allow you to do just that. Perform this program twice a week, alternating between Workout A and Workout B, allowing 48 hours between workouts for recovery. You will be seeing those shoulders pop in 4-6 weeks.
Exercise                                                        Sets                 Reps

Smith Machine Overhead Raise
  or Barbell Overhead Raise                        3                  8-10
Bent Over Lateral Raise                             3                10-12
Front Raise w/weight plate                        3                12-15                              
   or Dumbbells        

Arnold Press
  (beginners sit, advanced stand)               3                  8-10
One Arm Leaning Lateral Raise                    3                10-12
Upright Row on Smith Machine
  or with Barbell or Dumbbells                     3                 12-15

Leaning Lat is the same as a side lat only on an incline. Please make sure to go slow if these exercises are new to your, and always use proper from.

For photos and descriptions of these exercises go to


Alisa said...

great tips! I love these work out routines.

getfitgirl said...

thank you for the feedback! please let me know if there is anything specific i can help you with!