Friday, May 6, 2011


What is a superset?

Supersetting is an advanced training method in which you do two exercises, one after the other, with no rest in between. The exercises can be for the same muscle group or two different muscle groups, depending on your goals. The idea is to do one exercise and, instead of resting and doing another set, doing a different exercise and alternating those exercises for your desired number of sets.

Supersets are a proven technique for increasing intensity and bringing up lagging body parts. They allow you to gain muscle while avoiding or working around injuries that might be aggravated with heavy weights. If your training program is getting stale, supersets can also help relieve your boredom. Best of all, supersetting is a legitimate way to get more results in less time. If you need to squeeze a result-producing workout into a short period of time, then supersets could be the answer.

SUPERSETS Compound Exercise (1st) Isolation Exercise (2nd)

(1)Chest Press / (2)Chest Flies
(1)Dumbell Row /(2) Pullover
(1)Triceps Dips / (2)Triceps Kickbacks
(1)Dumbbell Side Laterals / (2)Overhead Press
(1)Barbell Curl / (2)Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Do 2-3 sets.
Do 12-15 reps for endurance or cutting, 8-12 reps for muscle growth, 4-6 reps for building strength. Rest 30-60 seconds between supersets. Once you have completed the all sets for one superset, move to the next group.

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