Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7 of Fat Loss Challenge

Yea, you made it through the first week of the challenge. Today is your choice - either an active rest day, or if you feel up to the challenge, repeat Weight Workout A. If you choose the rest day, notice it says "Active" rest - which means you still need to get some kind of physical exercise, however, it can be in any form, such as housework, handwashing the car, playing frisbee with the kids, or walking Fido. Tomorrow, i will post the workouts for week two. Keep up the good work - you are on your way to being "mean and lean"! LOL


Anonymous said...

Starting to understand why lean people are "mean" and fat people are jolly... they get to eat!

Sandy Hayashi said...


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getfitgirl said...

Sandy, I would love to participate - i have sent you and email!