Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fat Loss Challenge Day 5

Day 5…today is Weight Workout C. How are you doing? Are you eating all your meals and drinking plenty of fluids? Remember, when you have your treat meal, it is ONE meal, not a treat DAY. However, if you overdo it, remember to get right back on track the next day. Not only are we trying to drop some fat fast, we are trying to develop new eating patterns for a healthier lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Glad to report I'm not hungry at all anymore. Once I got my fiber & protein up a little, that was it. All my 'troops' are doing well & LOSING WEIGHT, too! It's interesting to me that some people struggle with the food so much while others do it with ease, but dread the exercise... it's nice to go through it together! We all thank you :) -K.

getfitgirl said...

Glad to hear of the success! Keep up the good work!