Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weight Workout Wednesday

I love circuit training, it gets me in and out of the gym fast and I glean some cardiovascular benefits as well. However, to build muscle, you need to focus on form and weight, taking a little more time with your routine. So today, we are going to concentrate on a method that will give you the benefits of both styles of training. You will do each workout twice per week. The first workout will focus on moderate to heavy weight, while the second workout of the week will focus on higher reps. Both workouts will stimulate muscle growth, but the second workout will be easier on your central nervous system.

Be sure to have a snack of protein & carbs 30-90 minutes before your workout, and have a post workout recovery meal within 30-60 minutes after you routine. After your workout, it is important to restore your glucose levels so add fast digesting carbs, such as bananas or juice, to your recovery meal.

MONDAY and THURSDAY (Upper Body)
You can use a barbell or dumbbells, Monday 8-10 reps, rest for 3 Sets. Rest 45-60 sec. between sets, Thursday 15-20 reps, Rest 30-60 sec. between sets.

Bench Press or DB Bench Press
Bent Over Row
Shoulder Press
Bicep Exercise
Tricep Exercise

TUESDAY and FRIDAY (Lower Body)
Barbell or dumbbells, Tuesday 8-10 reps, rest for 45-60 sec, Friday 15-20 reps, 3 sets. Rest 30-60 sec. between sets.

Dead Lift

Post Workout Shake

½ c. orange juice
1/3 c. grapefruit juice
1 scoop whey protein power, or ½ c. yogurt
1 small banana
2 tsp. honey (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender until smooth. (You can use juices of your choice)


tracey said...

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Balance is optimal for success!!!!!!!!

getfitchick said...

Thank you Tracey! I love knowing that i am giving informative information!