Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding your Motivation

When you start a new exercise program motivation is not hard to come by. Most people start out bursting with energy and desire to change their body and to become stronger. But after a few weeks or months, people become bored, or discouraged. What can you do to help maintain that motivation and excitement that you had in the beginning of your journey?
There are several things to help you rekindle that fire within you.
·         Invest in some fitness magazines such as Oxygen Mag, Muscle and Fitness Hers, RX Fitness for Women, Muscle and Fitness, and Men’s Health. These magazines are filled with articles, workouts and recipes to help you keep your routine fresh.
·         Find a workout partner. If you have someone to hold you accountable and share your workout, you will be less likely to miss the gym.
·         Try something you have never done before. If you focus mainly on weights, try a spin class or a Pilates or yoga class. If you usually do cardio, take a strength conditioning class. Mix it and keep challenging yourself.
·         Set goals for yourself and reward yourself with new workout clothes when those goals are met.
·         Try putting a motivational board together. As you flip through magazines, pick out photos that appeal to you, gives you inspiration and makes you say, YEAH BABY – that’s going to be me! – Such as the one below.
As time passes, you will learn your body’s strengths and weaknesses, what works for you and what doesn’t. When you get discouraged, don’t give up – just pull out your personal list of motivational tips and you will soon get your mojo back.


jillconyers said...

Great suggestions for motivation. 2 more things to try...

1. make it social. commit to meet a friend or join a fitness/running group.
2. post quotes and pictures at home and work. I have a picture of the Chicago Marathon route hanging by my computer at work :)

fancy nancy said...

I agree....making a commitment to meet someone always gets me out! I like the motivation board. I'll have to get on that!

ChicFitMommy said...

Thanks! I needed this post!!

Danielle V. said...

Great post! I've found, in college, that having a workout buddy really helps! I also try to make use of any programs my school offers (zumba, yoga, etc) because they're free for students and they're new ways to try getting in shape!