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A Captivating Interview with Figure Competitor Christy Allen

If you have ever struggled with losing weight, you know how difficult it can be. Stories from people who have been through the same trials are always a good source for inspiration. I was honored to be able to interview Figure Competitor, Christy Allen, and she was kind enough to share her story
You don’t have to be a competitor or even want to look like one, to glean knowledge and inspiration from this girl’s story – you just need the desire to be as healthy as you can be!

At one time you were overweight; tell us a little about that. What motivated you to lose the weight and how did you do it?
I was very active most of my life and always involved in sports.  Things began to slow down after college but my poor eating habits continued.  
I tried to deny the weight gain for as long as I could.  I wasn’t possibly gaining weight; my clothes had to be shrinking!  I was stuck in a personal rut and didn’t know how to escape.
The day came where it was time to go up in size again and I flat out refused.  Change was overdue!
I started by walking.  These outings not only worked wonders for my waistline but for my mental state as well.  I was taking my power back!
One small change lead to another.  I began to monitor my calories and aimed for healthier snacks throughout the day.  At the time, I knew nothing about nutrition so I would be sure to research the calorie content before eating anything. 

When did you start competing and what motivated you to do so?
When I first joined a gym, a personal trainer mentioned to me that I should do a figure competition.  At the time I had about 30 extra pounds on my bones and I just looked at him and laughed.  
As my journey continued and my body began to change, I started to give the idea a little more thought.  I tossed the idea around for a months and months and finally decided to set out and do it!  I’ve come this far, why not, right?!
I did my research and interviewed several coaches.   There’s so much more involved than just sculpting the body.  The walk, the posing, the suit, organizations & levels, etc… 
To anyone who is on the fence about competing, do it!  You will be so proud you did! 

You are a trainer also, how do you respond to female clients that comment they are afraid that lifting weights will make them “bulky”?
I hear this all the time.  I try my best to educate them the best that I possibly know how on the subject.   
Most people just simply think the only way to shed fat is by spending countless amount of time on a piece of cardio equipment.  What do you get? “Skinny Fat!”
We as women do not have the testosterone levels needed to get bulky like the males, we get lean!   
I always say, “You can’t sculpt what you don’t have!” 

What is your eating program (I hate the word diet) off season? Does it vary from you “in-season” training diet?
I don’t believe in a true “off-season”.  I practice a healthy lifestyle all year-round.   I prefer the taste of healthy and love the way my body feels and performs when I feed it right.   
I find it helpful to follow an eating program even when I am not prepping for a show.  Structure is a good thing!
I of course allow myself the occasional treat.  Frozen yogurt is my fav!  I work hard therefore I don’t deprive myself of anything. 

Do you take any supplements?
I do not use any pre or post-workout supplements.   I take a multi-vitamin daily, Glutamine, B-6, (protein & amino acid metabolism) in the mornings and calcium, magnesium (muscle and nerve function) and zinc  (recovery) at night!  Generally no protein supplements either.  Keep it natural!

What are your top 5 nutrition tips?
1.) General rule of thumb, avoid anything white!   Sugar, mayo, ranch dressing, sour cream, white bread, white rice, cheese, alfredo sauce, processed pasta’s & etc.
2.) Know what you’re eating.  Read the label (or Google for the label) to see what’s really in your foods!  You will be shocked at the calorie content in of some of your favorite “healthy” foods.
3.) Set yourself up for success!  #1, get rid of all the junk!  Don’t blame it on the kids; they get plenty of junk outside of the house.  #2, Have healthy choices available and prepared to prevent any poor, last-minute choices.
4.) When eating out, it’s ok to be picky!  If you don’t see anything healthy on the menu, ask for it!  Order the smothered chicken, plain (without the cheese) and a side of veggies, steamed – without butter or oil.  Always order any sauce or dressing on the side. 
5.) Never go hungry!  Starvation is not the answer and will only lead to additional fat storage.  As odd as it may sound, you must eat to lose weight!
Remember, food is your fuel, not the enemy! 

What has been your biggest benefit from living a healthy lifestyle?
The biggest benefit from living a healthy lifestyle has to be my new attitude.   I’ve got my power back and there’s no way I will ever lose it again.
I’ve been lucky enough to change my career to match that of my passion.  I am a retired business woman turned personal trainer.  I can honestly say I love my job!

What advice do you give to someone that is struggling with their weight or health, and wants to turn their lives around?
To anyone wanting to turn their lives around: There is hope, It is possible and whatever you do… Don’t give up!  Educate yourself on as much as possible & build a great support system.  Tell others what you’re doing so they will help hold you accountable!  Magazines such as Oxygen or Women’s Health are great starting points for recipes, routines and motivational stories.   Make it a lifestyle, not just another diet!

Who inspires you and why?
My favorite Pro figure competitor is Nicole Wilkins.  She inspires me in so many ways and reminds me that landing a spot on the Olympia stage one day is very possible! 

Where can our readers learn more about Christy Allen?
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