Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dinner - Quick and Easy

Making Dinner an Easy Event
Sometimes in our hectic life even the simple things can become a challenge. When you are juggling work, school, kids, husband, errands, and parents and finding time for yourself – preparing a healthy dinner – fast –  is the last thing you’re thinking about!
I have found that having a few, quick and easy, go-to dinner ideas to rely on, can mean the difference between a healthy home cooked meal and takeout.

Here are a few things that work for me:
§  Keep plenty of spices and herbs in your pantry for lots of flavor and variety
§  Prep and slice veggies when you come home from the store, and store them in containers in the fridge
§  Pre-slice chicken breasts and lean beef, and store in zip-lock bags in fridge, ready to go when you are!

Next, go-to dinner ideas
§  Cook pre-sliced chicken, add cut-up green peppers and onions, sprinkle with Mrs. Dash Lime Fiesta seasoning, pour over brown rice (optional)
§  Cook pre-sliced beef or chicken (if you use shrimp, add it at the end), with a little oil in wok, add in sliced mixed veggies, 1 tab. Low sodium soy sauce, black pepper (and any other spices of your choice)…for a quick stir fry.
§  Cook chicken breasts or fish fillets in lightly oiled skillet, add in low sugar (or prepared homemade) tomato sauce, olives, red peppers and serve over whole wheat pasta.
§  Make Turkey burgers and serve on whole wheat buns with roasted asparagus (finger foods!) Here is a tip: if you are having trouble getting the family on board with turkey burgers, mix about a handful of lean ground beef into it and the turkey burgers will taste more like regular hamburgers.
§  Make an advanced dish such as the Greek Chicken Salad (click link for recipe)
I hope these tips help make preparing dinner a little easier!
Bon Appetite!


Liz @ Southern Charm said...

Great tips! I can totally use some of these ... ok, by some, I mean all.

Thanks for sharing!

jillconyers said...

Great tips! Sometimes easy is exactly what is needed to get dinner on the table.

Thanks for linking my recipe :)