Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Leg Sculptor Workout

When I first started working out, I loved leg day; not because I enjoyed pushing myself, which I do, but because I considered leg day an “easy” day. Being a “newbie”, if I was feeling a little tired, working legs was easy for me. Skip forward many years and now leg-day is the hardest day of my routine. By the end of my workout I am completely exhausted, almost having to crawl to my car because my legs are so weak.

There are many goals for working the legs; building muscle, losing fat, sculpting muscle, developing hamstrings or building a booty. If you want to build endurance and sculpt muscles, give this routine a try. It will rev-up your and metabolism while sculpting your muscles.

Do this work-out twice a week for 4 weeks, along with HIIT cardio (sprints are great for leg conditioning), and you will have great looking legs in no time! This routine will rev-up your and metabolism while sculpting your muscles.

Perform 15-25 reps of each exercise, resting as needed between sets.
Do 3 sets of each exercise.

Smith Machine or BB Squats light weight (1 set each of 30 reps using 3 different foot positions) Feet at shoulder width -1st set, feet at a wide width - 2nd set, feet in plie position – 3rd set (wide width, toes point out away from each other)

Smith Machine or DB Single-leg Squats (light-moderate weight)
Walking Lunges w/Dumbbells (moderate weight)
Deadlifts (moderate weight)
Deep Squat Bench Step Ups (bodyweight) see definitions
Machine or DB Calf Raises (moderate weight)
Jump Squats (bodyweight)


jillconyers said...

Great workout. My strength training for today is legs and back and a run.

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Nicole said...

This looks like a great leg workout! Thanks for posting it, I always like to find new workouts.