Friday, February 3, 2012

Harbinger Cube Exercises to Get In Shape at Your Desk

Melanie Riley, with Harbinger Fitness, emailed me this article to post on my blog. If you didn't know, they also
have a blog that offers great tips; check out their article on fitness apps!

Are you among the many experiencing the post-holiday workout doldrums?  The weather is too cold to exercise outside and you’ve exhausted your enthusiasm for hitting the gym...

A great way to stay in shape is to squeeze in physical activity whenever and wherever possible.  For many of us, “cube dwellers,” that means at WORK.  Let’s get real:  you won’t makeover your body entirely by cubicle exercising, but you can jumpstart the process, get your heart pumping and build strength and muscle tone.       

Cube exercising is inexpensive and convenient.  The equipment is easy to tuck into your handbag and costs a fraction of your gym membership. You can fit your workout into your busy schedule – during lunch, before or after work, or even squeeze in a quick 5-10 minute set between emails.

Check out these quick and simple cubicle exercises created by Harbinger Fitness Expert Kelli Calabrese:
Hand Grip Exercises are a fantastic exercise to boost circulation and grip strength. Simply squeeze the handle firmly and release for 10 – 20 reps in your right hand and then switch to your left.

Resistance Cable – Overhead Press. Sit tall towards the edge of your chair with the band secured under your feet and the handles in your hands. Drive the bands straight up overhead and repeat 10 – 20 times

Resistance 8 Cable – Reverse Fly. Sit tall in your chair with your arms extended out at shoulder height holding the resistance 8 cable. Begin to separate your arms so they move away from each other and stop when they are fully out to the side before slowly returning to the start position.

Balance Trainer – Sit on your chair with the balance disc under you. Placing your hands behind your head, lift your right knee up as you bring your left elbow across to meet your right knee. Switch sides.

Triceps Rope – Sit with the right leg on the floor and the rope placed in the arch of your left foot with the ends of the rope in the hands. Begin to bend the extended leg as you pull with your arms and resist with your right leg. Perform 10 – 20 and switch sides.

So if you must sit 40+ hours in front of the computer, turn your cubicle in to your own mini-gym.  Follow Kelli’s exercise routine and you’ll feel the difference in how you feel and how you work!

Kelli Calabrese is an international award-winning fitness and lifestyle nutrition expertShe has been serving clients and fitness professionals through her seminars, products and programs for more than 25 years. She is the author of “Feminine, Firm & Fit – Building a Lean Strong Body in 12 Weeks,” co-author of “The Adventure Boot Camp Cook Book – Eating for a Lean Body,” and the audio program “Living Lean for Life.”
Kelli also serves as fitness expert for “Living Well with Montel.” In spring 2011, she was asked to interview for Jillian Michael’s position on NBC’s highest-rated show “The Biggest Loser.”
In addition, she has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WB and participated in radio and print interviews for clients such as Martha Stewart, Cooking Light, Success for Women, Web MD, Prevention, Weight Watchers, Glamour and more. She is also an expert cast member on the movie “The Compass,” and she recently filmed a TV pilot for “Living Slim & Fit” with co-host Jaime Brenkus.

In the fitness industry, Kelli has owned and operated health clubs, managed corporate fitness centers and consulted for many of the top fitness organizations, including The American Council on Exercise.  She recently designed and built an all-green toxin-free studio, 
Divine Health, where she trains clients. She is also the international master trainer for Adventure Boot Camp, the largest fitness boot camp company in the world, and continues to coach a fitness boot camp in Argyle, TX.  

Harbinger was founded in 1988 with the patented WristWrap® glove design. Today the company produces a full range of innovative, high-performance fitness products including gloves, belts, straps, wraps, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers and mats. For more information,


Kathy said...

this is great - I'm lucky enough to have an office where I can shut my door and exercise - which I do quite a bit. Some good ideas on here!

getfitchick said...

I'm glad you found it helpful!