Sunday, April 22, 2012

Subscription Boxes

It seems there is a new trend in marketing called Subscription Boxes. These boxes are filled with samples of varying products such as eco friendly cleaning products, vegan and gluten free snacks, and organic beauty items. You can order a sample of one, or by monthly subscription – you will receive a box full of different items each month for a set fee, which range from $10.00 and up (I have seen some boxes for $66.00 a month).

I was sent a box from Conscious Box to review.

It was full of healthy snacks, including RC Garcia MixIt Corn Tortilla Chips – which tasted fabulous and Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers which were very good. Other items included Teras-whey pomegranate cranberry goat whey protein, Acai natural energy boost water flavoring,and Minteas tea mints for focus - ginger pear flavor.

Some healthy (non-edible) items included:
A shampoo sample (very small) from Olivella
Baker Creek Heirloom Tomato Yellow Pear Seeds (yes i know but you have to grow them first)
A $15.00 coupon from Mineral Hygienics

There was a also a coupon in this box for a free breakfast cookie, which I went to their website and completed the necessary form. However, at the time of this review (3 weeks later) I haven’t received the sample.

You can check out what Conscious Box is all about on their website:

You can check on reviews and other subscription boxes at:

What do you think of this idea?


Kari said...

As someone who has an odd love for samples and small bottles and 'test' packs - I quite like this idea! But I don't know if I'd pay for them, and that might be a catch in the system :P

Cara said...

I love this idea! I love testing out new things! I think Amys should send me a subscription box :p. But, it would be cool to do a blogger version of this-where we send a package to each other filled with local goodies from where we're from!

Domain Name Registration said...

This is a nice idea.

Running In Boise said...

I think the box of goodies are pretty popular this month. I don't know if I would sign up, but maybe give a one month box for a healthy friend.