Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sometimes we get in a rut and start doing the same old routines day in and day out. It isn’t that we don’t want something new, it’s that sometimes we have a hard time pushing ourselves. I’ve been working with a coach the last few months and it has made a big difference in my workouts. Having someone design the workout takes the thinking out of it so all you have to do is – WORK IT!

I found this workout in the June issue of FitnessRX for women. It was designed by Fitness Champ Adela Garcia and it will give you the push you are looking for!

ADELA’S HIGH-INTENSITY BODY-SHAPING WORKOUT is aimed to tighten and tone while burning fat and building endurance.

Warm up for 15 minutes
photo from FitnessRXmag june 2012

GIANT SET 1: Repeat 3 times
Dumbbell Squats:  15 Reps
Weighted Pop Squats:  20 Reps
Stationary Lunges:  15 Reps

GIANT SET 2: Repeat 3 times
Shoulder-width Squats with Arnold Press:  12 Reps
Split Jumps on 12-inch Step:  15 Reps (ea. leg) beginners just do split jumps
Weighted Burpees:  15 Reps

GIANT SET 3: Repeat 3 times
Bodyweight Squats:  25 Reps
Weighted Squat Jumps onto StepBench:  10 Reps (use dumbbells)
Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers:  25 Reps (ea.leg)

GIANT SET 4: Repeat 3 times
Arnold Presses:  12 Reps
Plate Front Raises: 12 Reps
Side Lateral Raises:  12 Reps

FINAL SET: Burn it Out
5000 M Row
Burpee Jumps to 12 in step for 1 minute. Video here.

(if you don’t have a Row Machine, up the resistance on an elliptical with handles and give it your all!)

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