Sunday, May 20, 2012

RKS Kettlebell System

I was recently asked if I wanted to become an affiliate for RKS KettlebellSystem. Because I have never worked much with kettlebells, I asked them if I could review their system before making a decision. Now, as many of my followers know,  I am a self-professed gym rat. I love working out with weights; love the feel of the iron in my hand and the sweat on my back. It’s a great feeling when you surpass your heaviest weight lifted for a particular exercise – yep I love everything about it. However….one of my goals this year was to mix up my regular routine by throwing in some other types of training. So far I have added some yoga and pilates into the mix as well as trying different types of cardio (and I still want to try crossfit). So why not try kettlebells?

What is a kettlebell you ask? Kettlebells are cast iron weights shaped like a ball with a handle for easy gripping. They come in weights ranging from 5lbs – 100lbs. By using high powered moves, they offer a different kind of training that touch upon almost every aspect of fitness – endurance, strength, balance and cardio.

When you work out with dumbbells, your goal is to lift as much weight as you can for a desired number of reps, depending upon your goal, without using momentum for assistance. However, with kettlebells, the momentum is a big part of many of the movements. Momentum creates a centrifugal force, focusing more attention on the muscles used for deceleration and stabilization. This type of multi-directional movement mimics real life movements performed each day, such as throwing items into the back of a truck or playing ball with the kids. The exercises keep the body strong for daily tasks.

Now, about the RKS Kettlebell System…….

It comes with:

Ø  1 Instructional DVD
Ø  8 Workout DVDs with 16, 30 minute workouts
Ø  Nutrition Guide
Ø  Training Poster with pictures of the basic moves.
Ø  Some packages come with a Kettlebell

The workouts are easy to follow (not always to perform in the beginning). Instructions are given before each workout and there are 3 individuals performing the moves, all at their own pace. The workouts are done in intervals, supersets or circuits. Each workout is timed, with a counter on the screen so you don’t have to keep watch on the clock.

As the workouts progress (there are 16 of them in total) you are introduced to more challenging exercises, you train for longer intervals and your rest periods are shortened.

As with any exercise program, finding time in a busy schedule is the biggest excuse for not exercising. RKS offers a simple solution - 30 min. or less a day, 4 days a week in the comfort of your own home. Pop in the DVD and in less time it takes to cook dinner – you’re done!
And believe me – you will love the workouts (some in a love-hate kinda way).

Be sure and visit RKS on facebook also - tell them Get Fit sent you!


Maureen said...

Have fun! I LOVE Kettle bells!!

getfitchick said...

I discovered i do too!

Tara Burner said...

I love my RKS Kettlebells!!!

Griffin said...

Cool review.

I've never heard of RKS before.

I'll have to give it a shot

Belly Charms said...

I think I am going to have to try these. Thanks:)

Sonya M said...

I am going to have to try these. I have seen them for a while and would love to add them to my boot camp classes.

Candy The Skeptical Sweeper said...

Great review! Makes me want to get them!

I now follow them on Fb.

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