Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Big Event is Over....NOW WHAT?

Getting back at it after a “big” event that you have spent weeks and even months preparing for can be even more challenging than prepping for the event in the first place.

I have been competing in physique competitions and participating in photo shoots for over 5 years now and I have to tell you that AFTER the event is when the "real" work begins.

And step #1 is.... NEW goals. Start thinking about what you want your fitness journey to eventually be. Do you want to share your story with others? Do you want to inspire others to reach for their goals? Do you want to compete? Are there special events coming up that you really want to rock? Is there a body part that you want to give all of your focus to?

Setting goals that are both physical AND tied to your bigger purpose in life are the key.

Evaluate all aspects of your life. Do you want a career change in your future.... how does your love of fitness play into that?

Think you want to compete? Have you started planning out which federation you would like to compete in? Have you thought about starting a blog?

Competitions and photo shoots are INCREDIBLE but the challenge that comes with prepping for such an event is that you have now set the bar higher for yourself. You demand more from yourself. Your "why" has changed. Finding your new "why" is what will get you back on track.

Our body is really craving the extra nutrition too... not completely mental... this is physical too. Stepping away from the sugar is step #1. Have more good fats and add more flavor and texture to your meals. Add crunch. Add dressing. Add croutons! Add sauces!

Make sure you are eating plenty earlier in the day. Bump up your starch servings to 1/2c to 3/4c. If you want something sweet, have extra fruit. The amount of sugar in a couple extra pieces of fruit is nothing compared to the sweet treats.

Focus on clean and then you can get back to the portions. You can, will and are doing this!

Knowing that this is totally normal and that all of your hard work will NOT be undone in one week is soooo powerful. My first few times of competing/shooting, I had all of these feelings of guilt, loss of control, "will I ever get my willpower back", and MANY other strong emotions.

Trust yourself and focus on the other things in your life. You already know how to eat clean, timed, and portioned meals and you know how to kill it in the gym. Those things will naturally fall back into place. This is the time to reflect on your experience and figure out how to use it in your bigger life picture. I have seen WAY TOO MANY beautiful women get caught up in the competition/photo shoot cycle....

They shoot/compete and then go back to prepping for the next one but not exactly sure about what they are trying to get out of the shoot/comp. We are always trying to improve so obviously we put new physical goals in place, BUT taking the time to figure out the real satisfaction we derive from the experience is the true reward.

That may be getting a little deep but that has been my experience. I kept doing shows and shoots and I had the idea of "future marketing material" as one of my bigger picture goals but it wasn't until later that I saw how all of these things were leading up to something great.

So, when you feel that night time urge to eat whatever you want, quite the werewolf by spending some time working on your life goals. Your 5, 10, and 20 year goals, and by working on your "Ideal Day". Switch your focus and you will be back to your old, disciplined self in no time.

Guest Author: Stephanie Keenan, Founder of the SKFitLife Challenge, a 12 week fitness challenge that offers:

+Monthly Weight Training
+Weekly HIIT workouts
+ 30-day meal plan
+SUPPORT... access to the private Facebook Group

Stephanie spent 12 years working as a nuclear engineer in the Navy and then as a defense contractor. Now, Stephanie is pursuing her passion and helping men and women to learn the "whys" and "hows" of nourishing your body so you can feel and look your best.

Her philosophy is that your beauty will radiate from the inside out and it all starts with loving and respecting all that your body can do for you.

You can also follow Stephanie on facebook at Stephanie Keenan FitLife and on twitter at @StephKennanFit. And she blogs too! Check it Stephanie Keenan

"Life begins when you stop chasing skinny." ~Stephanie


Brenda Louthan said...

I am so thankful for reading this. It is exactly what I needed to hear. I just finished my first competition and I am reassessing my goals. I don't want all my hard work to be for nothing but don't want the guilt of adding in food I wasn't having before. Thank you for the great blog today!!

BlushnCheeks said...

Love this guest post. Im definitely just focusing on my day to day but do have a short term goal Im working towards. So I dont feel overwhelmed. Then once I reach it, Ill move on to the next goal.