Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet Kyra - The Get In Shape Girl

   As a fitness enthusiast I am always surfing the internet for workouts, recipes and inspiration. I run across tons of ebooks and if I bought every single one I wanted to – I’d be a very BROKE woman. I have been a follower of the Get In Shape Girl on facebook for so long I can’t remember when I first found her. I loved her stuff so I also subscribed to her weekly emails and free workouts. Can you imagine my surprise and delight when I received her email offering me the chance to review her ebooks? Needless to say, there was a small squeal of delight!

   If you aren’t familiar with the Get In Shape Girl, let me introduce you to her, she is none other than bikini model Kyra Williams. She is also a personal trainer and author. Kyra may be a bikini model, but she is also someone who knows what it’s like to need to lose weight and become healthier. Read about her journey on her website The Get In Shape Girl.

Her first ebook, 12 Week Bikini Guide, is a workout plan that is sure to blast fat. Workouts are broken down into circuits, followed by cardio. The program is broken down into 4 week segments, with small changes each week to keep your body from getting used to the routine. For a free preview, click here. I love the workout plan - you will definitely see results! 

Her second ebook, The Bikini Competitor's Cookbook, is filled with delicious meals and snacks; you are sure to forget that they are actually good for you!

Kyra has graciously allowed me to share one workout and one recipe from her books.

This is a total body workout performed as 1 giant set / circuit fashion. Perform a total of 3 rounds.
There is a definition section in the beginning of the book that describes each of her exercises.

Warm up / dynamic stretches (definitions in book)

10 Squat to overhead press
20 Mountain climbers
12 Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
10 High plank, knees to elbows
10 Side Shuffles
10 Bulgarian Split Squat
12 Russian Twists
12 Plyo Push-ups
8 Single Leg Squat
6 Alternating dumbbell rows
15 Plank Jump Through

Cool down / dynamic stretches (definitions in book)

Cardio 30 minutes at approximately 70% of your HR max for 30 minutes

Steak Tip Salad

1 -2 ounces (grab a couple of handfuls.. don’t be shy here) arugula leaves
4 ounces flank steak, grilled or baked to the temperature of your choice
1/4 cup cucumber slices
1/4 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
1/4 cup sliced re d onion
1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Grill or bake steak to temperature of your choice. Mix all other ingredients in a bowl and toss.
Serve steak on top of other ingredients.

Calories –212
Fat –9g
Protein –25g

So, to sum things up - i give both these books a Thumbs up!


jillconyers said...

The workout looks awesome!

Sarah said...

The workout AND the recipe look fantastic! Let's try those out! :)