Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeling Jittery?

It may not be that morning cup of joe giving you the jitters. According to Alyse Levine, RD, nutrition advisor for, it could be your diet. More specifically, refined carbs. Too many refined carbs - foods high in white flours (cookies, sugary cereals, white breads, etc) are stripped of nutrients and fiber that normally keep you blood sugar stable. A big dose of refined carbs causes your blood sugar to soar and a large amount of insulin to be secreted to your pancreas. As a result, you can feel jittery or even have trouble concentrating. Then, the extra insulin causes your blood sugar to crash and you feel sluggish and sleepy. To prevent this roller-coaster effect, swap out your white breads and grains for wheat and whole grains. Use whole wheat bread for your sandwiches at lunch, and wheat pasta, brown rice or sweet potatoes at dinner. Instead of that candy bar for your 3:00 slump, try having a piece of fruit instead. Remember, pairing protein with whole grain carbs will keep you balanced, full and satisfied.

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