Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need a Jumpstart?

It may be hard to stay with a program if you don’t see results fast enough. When we see the scale go down, or our clothes fit a little better, it motivates us to keep on working. If you aren’t seeing results quick enough, you may try giving up some starchy carbs to jumpstart your weight loss. Along with exercise, it may give you the much needed motivation to keep going. Here are some meal options to help you do just that.

BREAKFAST  choose from:

Omelet made from 3 egg whites+1 whole egg, unlimited veggies & seasonings, 2 tab. reduced fat cheese, 1 serving of approved fruit
1 cup whole-grain cereal (150 cal or less per 1 cup serving & less than 5 grm sugar) with 1 cup skim milk, ½ serving fruit
½ c. oatmeal with ½ serving of fruit, 3 egg whites prepared your choice
2 slices whole wheat toast with 2 tsp natural peanut butter, with ½ serving fruit


Turkey sandwich: whole wheat bread, unlimited tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, 4 oz turkey
1-2 cup veggie of your choice, or 1 cup broth based veg. soup
Grilled Chicken Salad: unlimited greens, peppers, cukes, tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 tab. Grated parmesan cheese, and 2-3 tab light dressing (no more than 80 cal per 2 tab) but not fat-free
4oz turkey burger or lean beef burger, on whole wheat bun (no more than 25 grm carbs) with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard (your choice or all)
Unlimited vegetables (off non-starchy list), or broth based veg. soup


Salad or 1 cup veg. soup, 5 oz. baked or grilled fish or chicken, seasoning or marinade of your choice, Green veggie: unlimited asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas, green beans
HALF serving of approved fruit
Salad or soup (as above) 4 oz lean steak, seasoning or marinade or your choice
Your choice of any non-starchy vegetables
Salad or 1 cup veg. soup, 5 oz grilled, roasted, baked pork tenderloin, fish or chicken, seasoned as desired, with unlimited asparagus, snow peas, green beans or any other non starchy veg of your choice
HALF serving of approved fruit

Snacks (2 per day): 1 oz cheese w/ ½ apple, 1 tab. Peanut Butter w/ ½ apple, ½ c. cottage cheese w/berries, Whey Protein Powder Shake, ½ c. Greek yogurt w/ berries, or 1 oz. nuts

No starch at dinner for the first 7 days. After that, ½ c. of starch from the approved list can be added at dinner. As always, you may need to adjust portion sizes, depending on your current weight. If you are famished, add some extra protein or veggies into your plan.

After 8 days, have a cheat meal (not DAY)-then wait another 6-7 days before you have another cheat meal. A cheat meal could be eating out, ordering pizza, having pancakes or a full breakfast including bacon.
After 2 weeks you can start incorporating a small treat during the week if needed, such as, ½ cup ice cream, 2x2 in brownie or some other small treat.

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