Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Creative Core Circuit

Are you tired of the traditional ab/core exercises? Try this circuit from Oxygen Mag - this core circuit does double duty; it works the glutes and thighs in addition to your abs.

Single-legged bridge
Side plank with scissor
Plank with leg raise
Reverse plank with leg raise

Perform 2-4 sets of  8-15 per leg

Single-legged bridge: Lie down, legs bent and feet flat on floor. Raise one leg, still bent, until calf is parallel to floor. Slowly lift your hips, hold for one count, then return to start position without letting your glutes touch the ground. Push back up and repeat until reps are done. Switch legs.

Side Plank with scissor: Start in side plank position, supporting your weight on forearm and your top foot resting on the edge of a step. Keeping your body straight, slowly raise your bottom leg, crossing it in front of your top leg (think Jane Fonda leg inner thigh lift). Hold for one count and repeat until all reps are done. Switch legs.

Plank with leg raise: Get into push up position with your toes on top of a step. Maintain a straight line with your body and slowly lift one leg toward ceiling. Hold for one count and repeat until all reps are done. Switch legs.

Reverse Plank with leg raise: Start in a reverse plank, your hands in line under your shoulders, the heels of your feet on a step. Raise one leg, hold for one count and return to start. Alternate legs until all reps are complete.

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