Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Eating

This weekend will be one of celebrating. There will be fairs, carnivals, and back yard barbeques. Just because you will be surrounded by friends, family and fun does not mean you should let yourself overindulge in all those enticing food options. A 3-day free-for-all food frenzy will leave you feeling bloated, irregular and miserable; and it will make it difficult to go back to healthy eating.

When you spend a weekend overindulging, the body will fight back when you stop feeding it all that fat and sugar, your cravings will be intense. How do you avoid wreaking havoc on your body and still enjoy those barbeques and picnics? Begin your day with your regular breakfast, and then be choosy about your treats. Have one or two treats each day, or better yet, make lighter healthier versions of your treat choices and take to the events with you.

Under the recipe tab, you will find some lighter version recipes of popular party fair. You can also find healthier options at

Have a great healthy holiday!

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