Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9 of our 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Yesterday you should have completed Weight Workout A from this week’s post. If you have trouble with any of this week’s exercises, or just do not like the circuits, just refer back to last weeks workouts. Today you should be doing Cardio Intervals 1. The goal is try to do better than you did last week. Increase speed, resistance or rounds. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you are adding additional cardio or weight training to these workouts, you may need to increase your calories for energy. Add either an ounce or two of protein to each meal, or additional vegetables, or another starch carb serving during the day (meals 1-4). Remember to watch portion sizes - if you find that your are guessing, please start measuring servings, so that you do not over or under-estimating portions. Sometimes you can mistake thirst for hunger, so have a glass of water before you consume extra portions. It may be easier to increase your water intake if you distribute it throughout the day – have 1-2 cups with each meal. We are almost at the halfway point – you’re doing great!


Karie said...

Someone asked me and I forgot to ask you -- is there a target number of calories we should be working toward? K.W.

getfitgirl said...

Minimum of 1200 calories. There are too many variables for such a variety of participants to place a maximum. Judge your intake by hunger pangs, and success or workouts.