Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Want Sexy Abs?

Training your core is about more than just developing a six pack or obtaining a flat stomach. A strong core helps us to have good posture, eliminate back pain, improves balance and physical performance in our daily lives. Also, studies show that carrying fat around the midsection is more dangerous than carrying fat in your thighs, by increasing the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

In order to have a six pack, you need a low body fat percentage, so do not get discouraged if you can’t find yours – not many women can obtain a really low body fat level – and it isn’t healthy to have a body fat level lower than 14% for a long period of time. Lowering your body fat is 80% Nutrition, 10% Training, and 10% Genetics. To rid your stomach of body fat you need to eliminate added sugars, alcohol, and excess sodium from your diet. Along with cardio and weight training, this will help to lower the fat you may carry around your midsection.

Do each of these moves for 60 seconds ea. Perform 3 rounds.

Plank: Get onto knees and elbows. Step your legs behind you to make a line from your head to your heels. Draw you abs in and hold tight. Do not let abs droop at any time.

Bicycle: Lie on floor, raising your knees over your hips, legs bent. Raise your shoulders off the floor and extend your right leg. Next, extend your left leg while bringing your right leg towards chest, touch elbows to knees as they draw in.

V-Sit: Sit tall with your feet flat on floor and hands lightly resting behind your thighs. Staying tall, lean back at your hips to make a V-shape with your body. Extend your legs out while leaning back, then simultaneously pull you legs towards your chest while raising your chest to meet your thighs, then extend legs and lean back again and repeat.

Supermans: Lie face down on floor, arms extended over your head. Simultaneously lift your legs and your arms upward, pressing your hips into the floor.

Perform routine every other day, or 3 times a week.

Some foods to introduce into your abs diet that help stave off bloat are asparagus, cucumbers and romaine lettuce.

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