Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tips for Maintenance after Weight Loss on the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Now that you have lost weight, you need some tips on how to keep it off. Obviously, you cannot continue to do these extreme sessions of exercise, it isn’t good for the body and you will burn out quick. Begin to mix up your workouts again, adding in longer sessions of cardio 30-45 min. at a moderate intensity and separate strength training sessions.
During the fat loss program, you were to clean out your cabinets of all foods that were considered “junk” food and all your “trigger” foods should have been eliminated.
Tip 1 – Do not bring the junk food back into the house. Stock you pantry with healthier snacks and leave the soda, snack cakes, potato chips, and candy at the store. Consider these foods as “treats” for special occasions.
Tip 2 – Keep the fast food to a minimum, no more than once a week. Keep the pizza to twice a month, order veggies and limited – or - no meats, and keep the McDonalds fries to once a month.
Tip 3 – Pick a ceiling weight a stick with it. For women 3lbs and men 5lbs. If you gain 3 pounds and keep it for a few weeks (remember our weight fluctuates daily), then tighten up your eating and check to see if you are still exercising enough.
Tip 4 - If you gain a couple of pounds, keep a food diary for 3 days and see where the problem area may be. Are portion sizes distorted? Eating out frequently? Snacking quite a bit? On the other hand, maybe you are not eating enough – remember if you go below what it takes your body to function (1200 calories for most women), your metabolism will slow down.
Tip 5 – Don’t go wild on the weekends. Allow yourself a small treat during the week so that on the weekend you won’t lose control and have a free for all. This is not good for your body, your weight, or your peace of mind.
Tip 6 – Continue to exercise 3-5 times a week. Recommendation is moderate intensity for 30 min. 5 days a week, with 2 of those sessions being strength training; or high intensity sessions for 3 days a week at 20 min. with 2 of those being strength training.
Tip 7 – Keep alcohol to one drink or less a day. The body will metabolize the alcohol for energy before it will the food, so whatever doesn’t get used, will be stored as fat.
Tip 8 – Watch for added sugars in the foods you buy, remember to read the labels. Try to stay with 6 grams or less per serving.
Tip 9 – Remember to keep drinking your water; if you are dehydrated, you may mistake thirst for hunger. In addition, dehydration will affect your workouts.
Tip 10 – When you go out to restaurants to eat, remember to order your salad dressing on the side. Order either an appetizer or dessert, but not both, and don’t drink you calories, limit alcohol to one glass and then switch to unsweetened tea or water.

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