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Product Description:
Leandro’s Secret Weapon is a 20-minute workout that focuses on your trouble zones. Although just 20-minutes, you will feel the burn and get results fast! It’s a great way to exercise when you are short on time
The creator of the Brazilian Butt Lift dvd, Leandro Carvalho, uses his cutting edge TriAngle Training technique, which works the three major buttocks muscles: gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Starting with familiar Brazil Butt Lift exercises like squat reaches, arabesque, and squat side leg lifts, Secret Weapon Workout moves onto the real stuff! The single leg slide squats are difficult but if you can hang in there, you’ll have a great butt in no time.
There are no breaks in this exercise routine, you just keep moving. But hey, it’s only 20-minutes!

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Sarah Engledow Brown, The Uberlibrarian
Sarah Brown is a full-time mommy, librarian, and fitness fanatic. Up until her mid 20s, she was a smoker and soda fanatic whose idea of working out was taking a walk to smoke a cigarette. She picked up a Firm Workout on VHS at Target one day and changed her life forever. She became a certified yoga instructor, group exercise instructor, and even worked as a group exercise coordinator for a while.

During her first pregnancy, she quit working out completely and ate everything that didn't move fast enough, and gained 60 pounds. During the second pregnancy, she did much better: staying active and working out up to the day before delivery.

A little over a year ago, Sarah decided to turn her love of fitness back into a career, and became a coach with Team Beachbody. Besides agreeing to go out with that guy in Music Bibliography class (whom she later married), this has been the best decision she ever made.

Sarah's, and Blog,, are a place for Sarah to talk about herself, her plans, her struggles as a busy mom trying to be fit, and (hopefully) a community for others to encourage each other to do the same.

I'm a mom searching for balance between work, kids, home, and my obsession with fitness. Let's support each other! I am also a librarian, a Beachbody coach, and a musician. The focus is on health in ALL areas, but my favorite is FITNESS! - Sarah


Rachel Mouser said...

Giveaway Entry

Rachel Mouser said...

Giveaway Entry

Lisa J said...

Hi Lori-
got your email. Sorry about not being able to follow. I've been having that issue as well and had to use a different internet engine (normally use google chrome, will use internet explorer now to click the follow)

Ive heard great things about brazilian butt lift- i have a 'perky butt' now haha, so I've been trying to get more devoted again to p90x- hard to balance that with running.
Thanks for you comment on what keeps you going, I love hearing others stories!

Lisa J said...

I guess the above comment counts as my first entry. I liked both of you on facebook- turns out Sarah doesn't live too far from me since I'm in Nashville and shes in Murfreesboro!

Lisa J said...

I couldn't find which Sarah's giveaway on her page, but I did comment on her last post on 'favorite things'

Ali's Answers said...

Hi! I am a new follower and my butt could use a lift. lol!

Ali's Answers said...

I liked both your pages and left a comment on Sarah's blog.

Jenny said...

Love your blog! This is my giveaway entry!

Connie said...

Giveaway entry! :) Thanks!

Sandy said...

Just found this site. Count me in for the giveaway entry!

GG said...


Karen said...

Would love to win this!! already do bodystep from Les Mills, love to try this.