Friday, January 20, 2012

It’s Fitness and Food Friday!

Sometimes we just have to have a little something sweet, so you might as well make it as clean as you can. I sometimes halve these portions if I just want a little nibble. Although they look high in fat, keep in mind it’s coming from good fats. Healthy living is about moderation, so you don’t want to eat all of these in one day!

Peanut Butter Fudge Bars
from Clean Eating Magazine

4 scoops chocolate protein powder
2/3 cup flax meal
4 Tbsp. natural peanut butter
1/4 cup water
Agave nectar to taste


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, adding 1/4 cup water [or less if you can manage) and agave nectar, to taste. At first, it will seem like its not enough water, but keep stirring, and it will eventually become a sticky blob of dough.

Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions and put it into separate pieces of plastic wrap, shaping them into a bar within the wrap. It’s easier to shape them by laying plastic wrap in one side of a small casserole dish, pressing the dough into the natural shape of the dish.

Put the bars into the fridge, or store them in the freezer. You can eat them chilled, frozen, or  right out of the bowl.

Calories: 284, Total fat 15g, Sat fat. 2 g, Carbs 11.5g, Fiber 6.5g, Sugars 2g Protein 29g, Cholesterol 25mg


hiker mom said...

Sounds good. I will try them. I know my kids will love them!

Laura said...

These do sound really good. I love no-bake recipes, too. And clean eating always has good ideas... thanks for sharing! I am definitely one of those people who needs a little something sweet almost every day!

Kathy said...

sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Sounds yummy! I think my kids would adore them too.

Courtney Foster said...

oh my goodness I am going to have to make these!

momto8 said...

healthy, easy, yummy..what more can anyone ask for?!! thanks.