Friday, January 20, 2012

Harbinger Product Review

Harbinger sent me a nice little goodie box filled with products to review. I was super psyched to have new gloves – and they sent me two pair! Not only did I have new gloves, I had products to review for my blog, which I hope helps my readers.
I find that wearing gloves helps me grip better when I lift heavier weight. There are many different brands of gloves on the market today, and I have found some to be better than others. My new faves right now are the Women’s Pro gloves.

The Women’s Pro glove is made with leather and breathable mesh. It has that “broken” in feeling from the get-to. With an adjustable wrist strap, it fits snuggly to any wrist. The rest of me may feel like dying, but my hands aren’t torn up at the end of the workout – and I like that.
Another glove you may fall in love with is the Harbinger Women’s Training Grip WristWrap. My left wrist is weaker than my right. Seems like no matter what I do, the dang thing still wants to give when I’m doing heavy bicep curls. So I put these WristWraps to the test. I have to admit, they felt a little awkward when my first time using them. But by the end of the workout, I noticed my wrist wasn’t as tired as it usually was. Now, they are like old friends and I wondered what took me so long to find them. Their ergonomic curved finger design fits that natural shape of the hand, increasing flexibility and support.
I was also sent a Balance Trainer. When you look at this little blue disc, your first thought may be “what am I supposed to do with this thing”? Well, I’ll tell ya!
The balance trainer is perfect for enhancing core muscle strength and improving one’s balance.  You can perform squats, lunges, step ups, push-ups, and abs exercises on the disc. The exercises can be combined with small dumbbells, resistance bands or balls to add intensity. The balance trainer is only 13” round and can be inflated to reach desired flexibility. Granted, it isn’t a Bosu, but because of its size, it makes it the perfect portable accessory to add to your home gym and to take with you when you travel. Best of all, you can buy it for under $25.00.
Head on over to the Harbinger website to see the other products they carry, and the nearest location to purchase them. You can also visit them on facebook – tell them that Get Fit sent you!
Disclaimer: Harbinger sent me these products to try for free. This review represents my opinions only.

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