Monday, June 20, 2011

Back Yard Boot Camp with Your Kids

School is out for the summer and you are feeling pulled for time because the kids are at home. You don’t have to skip your workout, make it a family affair. Start your kids learning about the importance of physical fitness, no matter what their age. Here is a boot camp routine you can do in your back yard.

Place markers at various points around your yard – these will be your activity points.
At the first marker, you and the kids race to the second marker, there do 10 pushups, then skip to the second marker, there do 10 sit-ups. Bear crawl to the next marker and do 10 push ups. Then crabwalk back to original marker.

Repeat the sequence for 20 minutes, but hey, if the kids want to go longer….go for it! You can even make a race out of it and see who does the best time.
So here’s the breakdown.

10 pushups
10 Sit-ups
Bear Crawl
10 Squats
and repeat

You can modify this routine by adding in your favorite workout moves. Check definitions for bear crawl and crab walk.

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