Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 16 of our 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Whew….we’re coming down to the wire on our program. Today you will do a Cardio HIIT Interval. Choose from any of the cardio options that have been posted: use the at home cardio circuit, tabata training, or equipment. The goal is to do your personal best. I hope you have your eating program together by now…if you are having problems post or email me and I’ll be glad to help – be as detailed as you can. Remember to not drink your calories, no sugary drinks; choose unsweetened tea, water with lemon, coffee w/non dairy creamer, or Hensons natural diet soda. Use spices to give your meals some pep. Try cycling your protein choices by using a wide variety such as lean beef, chicken, lean pork, fish, eggs, tofu, cottage cheese, greek yogurt…… get the idea. This eating plan was fairly strict to help eliminate your sugar addictions and get you into the habit of eating natural foods. Success is 80% nutrition, 10% physical activity and 10% genes. If you work hard but eat crap, you WILL NOT see results…..sorry, that’s just the way it is. Eat well and good luck!

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