Monday, July 25, 2011

8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge - Week Two

Welcome to Week Two of the 8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge.
This week’s challenge is to begin eliminating sugar from your and your family’s, diet. Sugar can lead to hypersensitivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and crankiness in children. It also contributes to diabetes, arthritis, and suppression of the immune system. In addition, sugar raises the level of neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine which can cause you to crave more sugar.

For healthier snacks, use sliced fruit, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, nuts, hummus, unbuttered popcorn, or yogurt berry popsicles. You can find a recipe for the popsicles under "recipes".
Tip: Measure your portion sizes to make sure you are not underestimating a serving.

Food Color: Reds and Purples

Foods that are red-purple or red-pink contain anthocyanins; the pigments that help protect you from oxidative stress. Red onions help reduce inflammation, and tomatoes (and tomato sauces) are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, B6 and potassium.
Try using rhubarb, cherries, radicchio, watermelon, pink grapefruit, red bell peppers, red cabbage or radishes in your menu plan this week.

Beginners: Begin adding power walking to your regimen. For 30-40 minutes, alternate between fast-paced speed walking, and a slower recovery pace. Walk 5 days.
Advanced: Try this routine. Upper and Lower body workouts, alternating days.
Pick one exercise for each body part:
Lower – Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves. Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, DB Calf Raise.
Use a weight that will give you 15 reps, drop 10lbs and do 20 reps, add 20lbs and do 8 reps.
Upper Body – Chest, Back, Shoulder, Triceps and Biceps. Chest Press, BB Row, Overhead Shoulder Press, Cable Tricep Pressdown and BB Bicep Curl.
Use a weight that will give you 15 reps, drop 10lbs and do 20 reps, add 20lbs and do 8 reps.


Athletes4Life said...

This is an awesome challenge! I do hope people get inerested in this. It is very important to take challenges at a low steady pace... it is when you try to go big that you fail big!

Alhely said...

Thanks for following me! I can definitely use the information on your blog to help me reach my goals! Thank you:)

Would you happen to know anything about Kefir Grains?

Patricia said...

Eliminating sugar totally form my life seams a huge goal, I like to have something sweet now and then it gives me energy and a sense of optimism. And again it's a question of discipline, buying natural sweet desserts in natural shops could be easy as well, thank for the reminder;)

Carolina HeartStrings said...

I so need to get healthy. Too much blogging and baking.... My goal is to at least introduce exercise into my daily schedule 5 out of 7 days. It's a start, right?